Let users know about releases.

Set up a beautiful changelog page in under a minute and keep everyone up to date with every new version.

Automate your code repository releases and user notifications.


Create or schedule releases to your repository releases section with one click using takepull.


Manage all your releases in one place, saves time from navigating between repositories.


Notify user channels on every new release and manage subscriptions, with no extra charge.

Integrate and Notify with community apps

For Product Owners

  • One place to handle all your releases. 🏠

  • Integrate with your Github, Gitlab code repositories. 🔌

  • Create, schedule, and manage your future releases. ⏰

  • Takepull takes care of announcements. 📢

  • Connect with the most popular social or community user channels. 🌏

For Product Users

  • Get notified immediately when a new release is published. 💻

  • Subscribe to releases that you care about the most. 🔔

  • Never miss a bug fix or feature release which is important to you. 🐞

  • Find all version releases of any product with a simple changelog site. 🌏

  • No more surprise of breaking change in releases. 🆗